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On average more than 170,000 books are published annually in the U.S. which makes the task of keeping up with new titles seem overwhelming, doesn't it? But now there's an easy way to be sure you don't miss out on the types of books you'd really like to read. It's our free e-newsletter service. Subscribe to as many e-newsletters as you'd like, and you'll receive e-mail newsletters with brief descriptions of each title as well as links to the library's catalog so you can easily reserve titles of interest. There is a handout at the front desk taking you through the steps to begin receiving your e-newsletters.

There is now a link on the Friends of the Fiske page of the Library website to Paypal for donations.
The IRS has and is only sending three forms this year – 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ. They are not sending any instructions or publications. You can order any form you need and have it sent to your home by calling 800-829-3676 or you can place an order online at www.irs.gov/orderforms.
We have received the reproducible notebook so photocopies of forms and instructions can be made. You can also go on the computers in the library and print out whatever forms you made need. The staff can give you limited help in getting to the site but you should know the form number and name/topic before coming in.

When you are bringing puzzles in for the Puzzle Swap, or returning puzzles you have borrowed from the Swap, if you could please put the pieces in a Ziploc bag we would appreciate it.
This way if the box gets dropped the pieces will not fall out and get lost.  Thanks for your help!!

Southwick's Zoo - Will reopen mid April for the 2015 season. We still have tickets purchased by the Friends of the Fiske last year for sale. Price is $12.50 per ticket which allows FREE admission, a huge saving over the usual admission price. We will likely go up on this price when we receive tickets for the upcoming year since Admission Prices for the 2015 season will be $24 for Adults, $18 for Seniors & Children 3-17,  Under 3 is FREE.
Although the zoo is closed for the season there is still a lot going on. The zookeepers work year round in all weather conditions and have been clearing a lot of snow like everyone else!! It is actually harder on them than the animals. The cats love playing in the snow and the Yak are in their element!  The cheetahs experienced snow for the first time this year and the zookeepers say watching them run and play in the snow is incredible.  All the animals can go inside and warm up if they choose, but many times they are outside in the craziest weather! New babies born include a mandrill and african crested porcupines.

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