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Town of Wrentham

Town of Wrentham >

Wrentham Elementary Schools >

King Philip School District >

Wrentham Cultural Council> (Go to Living then Cultural Council)



State Sites

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners >

Commonwealth of Massachusetts >

Massachusetts General Laws >

Code of Massachusetts Regulations >

Massachusetts Trial Court Libraries >

Massachusetts Department of Education >

Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs >

Massachusetts Labor & Workforce Development >

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles >

Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue >

The Assoc of Independent Colleges & Universities of Massachusetts>

Massachusetts Consumer Information >







Federal Sites

Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms >

State & Local Government on the Net >

Code of Federal Regulations >

Thomas (Legislative Info) >

U.S. Code of Regulations >

Veteran's Affairs >

Social Security Online >

U.S. Department of Housing and Development >

White House >

U.S. House of Representatives >

U.S. Senate > (Dept. Homeland Security) >

U.S. Govt. Official Portal (Government Made Easy)>

U.S. Postal Service >

Department of State (Passport & Travel Services) >

Free Application for Federal Student Aid >

Project Vote Smart >

Recalls >

U.S. Census Bureau> -  The U.S. Census Bureau has released “Easy Stats,” an online tool developed to make statistics quicker and easier to access. The interactive tool provides selected demographic and economic statistics from the American Community Survey. “Easy Stats” allows searching by geography down to the local level, including incorporated places like cities and towns and census designated places. View detailed race, age and gender breakdowns, and compare communities



Investment & Finance

Best Loan Rates >

Legal Forms Room >

Consumer Price Index >

Morningstar >

Bank rate >

New York Stock Exchange>

MsMoney >

The Motley Fool (Stock Investing Advice) >

The Financial Pipeline (Financial Education) >

Big Charts >

U.S. Business Advisors >

Better Business Bureau >

Occupational Outlook Handbook >

MacRae's Blue Book (Online Industrial & Manufacturing Directory) >

Thomas Register >

U.S. Consumer Web Resource (US Bank Deposit Interest Rates)>

International Consumer Web Resource (World Interest Rates for CD Accounts)>

Mortage Refinancing>

Self Directed IRA's & Escrow Services>

Omni Financial> - Military Loans


Consumer Banking/Savings











Health Resources> - If you're looking for information you can trust about kids and teen that's free of "doctor speak", you've come to the right place. Kidshealth is the most-visited site on the Web for information about health, behavior, and the development from before birth through the teen years.

Choose My Plate>

Nutrition Answers>










Sites of General Interest

New England  

Zip Codes >

Intellicast> (weather) >

National Weather Service >

The Weather Channel >

Wunderground> (Weather conditions and forecasts from all over the world)

Maine Harbors> (tide charts)  

Kelley Blue Book> (used car pricing)

Edmunds>(new car pricing)

Cars> (largest and most informative electronic car lot)

The Internet Movie Database> (A huge collection of movie information. Attempt is made to catalog every pertinent detail about a movie, from who was in it, to who made it, to trivia about it, to filming locations, and even where you can find reviews and fan sites on the web.)

Big Cartoon Database> (A searchable database and in-depth directory of your Favorite Cartoon Classics & Animated films. Search for Cartoon Information, Animated Guides, Cartoon Character and Crew Lists; everything from Disney Cartoons to Adult Cartoons.)

Universal Currency Converter >

The Old Farmer's Almanac >

Switchboard >




The Boston Globe >

The Providence Journal >

The Boston Herald >

Online Newspapers - Local and International >

Foxboro Reporter >



TV Stations - Boston

WBZ 4             Channel 7          



TV Stations - Providence

Channel 12



 abc6       NBC 10



Internet Links for Homework

The library has viewed these sites. However, with the Internet always changing we will not be responsible for site content.


  Country Report Sites

FactMonster- Countries of the World >

Clickable Map of the World >

Flags of all Countries >

Infoplease - Countries of the World >

World Atlas & World Maps >

Library of Congress - Countries of the World >

World Factbook > 





  State Report Sites > > > > >





  Native American Sites

  Ancient Cultures

Ancient World Cultures> - An introduction to cultures of the Ancient World

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook> - A terrific assortment of links to sites on ancient cultures organized in timeline fashion by period and culture. A great deal of primary source material, translations of original writings, is available for Egypt and the Islamic faith.



  General History Sites

U.S. >

War and Military History >

Yale Univ. Avalon Project Full Text Documents >

American Memory (Library of Congress) >

This Day In History >

America's Story >

American History from Colonial Times to the Present >

Year by Year >





Biographies of the Founding Fathers >

American Presidents >

American Presidents (Internet Library) >

Presidents of the United States >

First Ladies of the United States >

A & E Biographies >

Biographical Dictionary >

Individuals Who Shaped the 20th Century >

Biographies of Women Mathematicians >

National Inventors Hall of Fame >






  Early America

Thirteen Colonies >

Early America >

Founding of the American Colonies>



American Revolution

The History Place> Explorations and Early Colonial Era; The English Colonial Era; Prelude to the American Revolution; The American War for Independence; A New Nation is Born. Grades 3-6. 

History Channel - American Revolution>

History of the American Revolutionary War>

The American Revolution>


  U.S. Civil War

Documenting the American South> Includes first person narrative from people who "lived" the Civil War including Slaves who lived in Massachusetts

The American Civil War Homepage> Many different resources about the Civil War including biographies and information on major battles

American Civil War> Details about people and battles of the Civil War with photographs

Time Line of the Civil War> Major events month by month

Letters Home from the Civil War> Letters from Union and Confederate Soldiers to the loved ones

Civil War Information> U.S. Civil War Information

Battle of Gettysburg> One of the most costly battles of the Civil War

Civil War Movies : Truth or Fiction> A list of Civil War movies, good or bad, truth or fiction.

Understanding the 14th Amendment>(July 28, 1868)  Equality of Citizens







Welcome to the Planets >

Discovering Dinosaurs >

Zoom Dinosaurs >

Earthquakes for Kids> Everything you wanted to know about earthquakes, history of earthquakes, Science fair projects and more. Grades K-12.

Periodic Table of the Elements> Not only does this site have a color-coded periodic table with the element's atomic number and symbol, but it includes history, properties, sources, and uses of the element.

Chem4Kids> All about chemistry: topics include Reactions, Elements, Atoms, Matter, Biochemistry, and Et Cetera.

Why Files> Science Behind the News

Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom >

Savage Earth> Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis

Volcano World >







Science Fair Projects

Internet Public Library Science Fair Projects >

Science Fair Central >

Successful Science Fair Projects >

Ultimate Science Fair Resource >

Science Fair Project on the Web: Step by Step >

Rubber, Plastic and More>

Home School Experiments>





Sea World >

National Geographic >

Animals A to Z>



Novel Guide >

Myths, Legends and Tall Tales >

Your Dictionary >

Quotations and Authors >

Great Books Online >

Life Quotes Library> 36,000 quotes from over 6,000 famous people



  Online Databases  


Find fiction titles based on favorite author, title or description. Browse lists based on genre or awards, search by subject heading, reviews, publishers.

View Novelist database >


Novelist graphic

  Zinio Online Magazines

We have the online magazines up and running and we think you’ll enjoy them.  If you need help or want a handout or list of titles, ask at the desk. If you haven’t tried it, please do-it’s a great collection of titles purchased by the Friends of the Fiske. Download and read either online or save to read offline at another time.
Go to, Database Page and then scroll down to View Zinio. You will need to set up an account with your Fiske card before borrowing titles to read on your computer, Ipad, Iphone or Android.  Check at the front desk for a quick start guide!!


Magill's Medical Guide (Salem Press)

Online version of the print set located in the Reference area covering diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and issues in an A-Z format, with sidebars addressing recent developments in medicine and concise information boxes for all diseases and disorders.



Milestone Documents in American History.
50 States.
Survey of American Industry and Careers
(Salem Press)

Primary Source Documents in American History are available in this Online version of the print set located in the Reference area.

In depth, Comprehensive profiles of the 50 States include History, Timelines, Maps, Statistics, Economy, Environments and Rankings. Print version is located in Reference. 

An in-depth overview of 112 North American industries and related jobs and careers are available in the Survey of American Industry & Careers. Print set is located in Reference.

View Salem History titles >





Solar System (Salem Press)

Online version of the print set available in the Reference area.

View Solar System >



World Book Online Reference Center

World Book Online Reference Center is the premier online encyclopedia, the source containing every article from the 22 volume print set plus thousands more.

View World Book Reference Center database >



World Book Online Info Finder


World Book Discover



Country and State information.

View Culturegrams >




Issues & Controversies in American History

Issues & Controversies in American History brings history to life, not as a mere recitation of names and dates, but as a series of turning points where the future hung in the balance and opinions rages on all sides. This database gives a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped the United States by exploring the  issues as key players saw them.

View Issues & Controversies in American History >




Living Green

Explore the world's ecosystems, recycling and environmental issues.

View Living Green >

living green


Inventions & Discoveries

Explore the impact of inventions and discoveries that continue to shape our world today.

View Inventions & Discoveries >

inventions and discoveries

Magazine Articles & Reference Materials -Infotrac Powersearch

Databases of magazine and newspaper articles along with reference materials provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Additional databases are available on the library computers.

View the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners >

Click here for magazines and newspapers from home or office.

Boston Globe

Search for full text articles in the Boston Globe newspaper.

View Boston Globe database >


Encyclopedia Britannica




FOR HISTORY & GENEALOGY BUFFS- The collections feature documents, most never before available before on the Internet, relating to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, US Presidents, historical newspapers, naturalization documents, and many more
Register for free at home to search topics or come into the library for full access including printing out of Premium images and documents.

View Footnote database >


Heritage Quest

Search for ancestors in the complete set of U.S. Census records from 1790-1930, including name indexes for many years. Find information on people and places described in over 24,000 family and local histories.

View HeritageQuestOnline >




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